As we are still new, our beer selection is constantly changing. Like something we had, and don't see it now? Let us know and we'll try to bring it back!


Old school classic styles -- wheats, lagers and more traditional fare.
  • Flibbertigibbet

    Ordinary Bitter - 3.8% - 33 IBU
    An English bitter is defined as the perfect marriage of English malts, English hops and English yeast and we stuck to tradition on this one using 100% English ingredients. Approachable and sessionable, with notes of biscuit and bread, and high fruit esters provided by the yeast
  • O'Zapft Is! (Releases 9/29)

    Festbier - 5.5% - 30 IBU
    Our annual Oktoberfest release. Grainy and bready and brewed to German purity laws.
  • You Had Me At Helles

    Munich Helles - 5.3% - 26 ibu
    Clean, malty and grainy, with subtle spice and herbal notes. Brewed with pilsner and vienna malts and hopped with the German noble hop, Hallertau.


Hop Heads Unite! Whether you prefer it old school, clear and bitter or new world, hazy and fruity or somewhere in between, these are for you!
  • Kōkua: Maui Strong Relief Beer

    Session IPA - 4.4% - 0 IBU
    Kōkua is one beer brewed by many to support the people of Maui impacted by recent wildfires, with 100% of proceeds going to the Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund. MBC has partnered with the Global Empowerment Mission, a 501(c)(3) public charity, to raise funds to assist with needs on the ground for the local Maui community following the Maui wildfires.

    This beer was brewed with a recipe provided by Maui Brewing Company and is hopped with Mosaic and Waimea.
  • Lorelei - The OG Valley Girl

    Kolsch IPA - 7.1% - 71 IBU
    We were curious what would happen if you took the grain and hop bill of a traditional West Coast Cali inspired IPA and a clean, cold fermented process of a German Kolsch. We were not disappointed. Clean, crisp, bitter, and hoppy.

    Named after Lorelei, the Siren of the Rhine River Valley, the area Kolsch beers are prominent. She truly is the original valley girl.
  • Skyrockets in Flight

    Milkshake IPA - 6.6% - 10 IBU
    Boasting 30 lbs of strawberries per barrel and brewed with Belma, Vic Secret and Strata hops, this delicious IPA was hit with a heavy dose of lactose and vanilla beans creating a delicious strawberry milkshake like beer.
  • Turtlenecks & Blazers

    Kveik Hazy IPA - 6.4% - 40 IBU
    This hazy ipa, brewed with BRU-1 and Waimea hops is our first beer fermented with Kveik yeast. We allowed this beer to ferment higher than 90° F and the result is a very clean, citrus and pineapple forward treat.
  • In the Ballpark

    American IPA - 6.7% - 60 ibu
    A true west coast india pale ale, brewed with Citra and Centennial hops. This beer goes back to its roots as a clean, clear hop forward style. Bursting with citrus and tropical notes, with an underlying piney character. Crisp, refreshing and perfect for a warm day.
  • The Annexation of Puerto Rico

    Hazy IPA - 7.2% - 15 ibu
    Our #1 seller -- brewed with the holy trinity of hops -- Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy. This beer is bursting with melon, passionfruit, stone fruit, mango, and peach. It has a slightly drier finish than most hazy IPA’s, but still has a full, smooth body.

Dark, Roasty & Toasty

If it's dark brown or darker you like, this is probably in your lane. English Milds, Brown ales, Stouts and more.
  • International Incident

    Imperial Stout - 10.4% - 84 IBU
    Sit down. We’re not playing. This imperial stout is as complex and as bold as they come. With 6 types of specialty malts and a blend of noble hops, this stout brings notes of caramel, chocolate, coffee, licorice and chicory on a clean balanced palate.
  • Hype Machine

    Champurrado Stout - 12.2% - 76 IBU
    This imperial stout comes in at a hefty 12.2% and sports a thick, lucious, chewy mouthfeel. Aged to perfection on Espresso Beans, Vanilla, Cacao Nibs and Ancho Chili Peppers. The ancho chiles add just a touch of earthy pepper flavor that plays wonderfully with the chocolate and coffee notes, while the vanilla provides a light sweetness on the finish to bring every flavor together.

Funky, Tart or Sour

Lip puckering and tart beers, such as fruited sours or mixed fermentation.
  • Put the Lime in the Coconut

    Fruited Sour - 4.2% - 13 IBU
    We put the lime in the coconut, and drank them both up. We added Himalayan sea salt and lactose to this not so traditional Gose, then lightly soured it and finished it off with keylime, toasted coconut and vanilla beans. It may taste like a cocktail, but it's still a beer!
  • Tha Crossroads

    Mixed Fermentation Sour - 5.5% - 31 IBU
    Simple grain bill of wheat, oats and base malt, fermented first with a traditional british yeast and then finished with a lacto-producing strain to finish the beer off. A true farmhouse ale similar to what would be made during the prohibition era of beers.
  • Cracked Jack

    Saison - 7.0% - 35 IBU
    Refreshing and dry, this saison was fermented without temperature control to allow more yeast derived fruity and spicy characteristics. We added pink peppercorns and sweet orange peel to this beer and allowed it to finish dry. We used saaz hops to provide a little extra spice to the mix.
  • Pardon My Drip

    Fruited Sour - 6.2% - 12 IBU
    We started with our base sour grain bill and increased it to a point where blended in with unfermented fruit, we'd still be over 6%. Once that fermentation finished, we added back in over 50 lbs of fruit per bbl with a blend of Brazilian Guava, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Banana, and Key Lime, along with toasted coconut and Madagascar Vanilla beans. One sip and you'll forget you're in Virginia and think you'd landed in some Caribbean paradise.


Hard Seltzers, Hard Kombucha, Non-Alcoholic Craft Soda's and more
  • Jazzercize the Demons

    Seltzer - 4.7%
    Clean, clear base seltzer. Have it plain or try it with one of our many flavor pump options.
  • C.R.E.A.M.

    Cream Soda - Non-Alcoholic
    Got the kids? They thirsty too? Well, we don’t want to go to jail, so we strongly recommend our house made cream soda, made with natural flavors.
  • It's a Remnant (2 Flavors Available)

    Hard Kombucha - 4.5 - 6.5%
    Our friends at Remnant Farms have created this healthy non-beer option. Don’t let fermented tea scare you. This is both delicious and nutritious. Flavors: Vary
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