Our Team

Cody Powell - General Manager | Co-Owner
Cody is a 20 year veteran of the US Army, with a background in operations management. Cody has dreamed of opening a brewery for some time, and in 2016 attained his MBA in pursuit of his goal.
An avid homebrewer for over 10 years, who started as an extract brewer and quickly moved to all grain, Cody learned early that process plays a large roll in the quality of the beer you make.
He loves all things hoppy. He fell in love with big West Coast IPAs years ago, but is fully on board with the new hazy IPA craze.
As a Native of Texas he enjoys smoking brisket and considers his father a brisket whisperer. While he doesn’t know that he’ll ever do it as well, he keeps striving to reach that level. He also loves chicken wings, especially with a great beer. He hopes to one day visit the Trappist breweries in Belgium to see how the monks produce some of the most sought-after beer in the world.
Stephen Boyajian - Head Brewer | Co-Owner
Stephen has spent the past 20+ years working in the IT field, mainly as a Lead Web Developer and Graphic Artist.
His journey in beer began just over 8 years ago and he dove in head first. After only 1 partial extract brew, he immediately moved into all grain brewing. After a few years he decided to start entering regional competitions and over the past 5 years has won over 60 awards including 2 Best of Show placings and 4 Brewer of the Year recognitions.
In his spare time he enjoys golfing, cooking, playing guitar, and traveling. He loves most styles of beer, but his favorites are IPAs (old and new styles), Imperial Stouts and Fruited Sours. He would love to do an around the world trip, stopping at a brewery in every country.
Ricky Elliott - Procurement Manager | Co-Owner
Ricky was trained as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy. He proudly served his country by being deployed five times, with three combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps and United States Army.
His favorite style of beer to brew changes, but a New England IPA is currently at the top of the list. He enjoys hoppy and high gravity beers, but would rather drink a few high quality beers over many mediocre beers.
Outside beer, Ricky’s hobbies include scuba diving, triathlons and traveling. He always tries to coordinate his travel plans with those three things in mind. His goal is to do a triathlon in every state.
He enjoys a pretzel paired with an ice cold Mexican lager, and makes a mean marinated burger. While he loves visiting and supporting local breweries, he would love the opportunity to spend some time at Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, CA.
Greg Ramirez - Operations Manager | Co-Owner
Greg has a mechanical mind and for 15+ years has served as a Master Technician. There is nothing Greg can’t fix and he looks forward to bringing an engineering mindset to the art of designing beer and the facilities we’ll be using.
Greg got his start in brewing in 2016 on a simple extract kit, eventually moving onto a 3 vessel electric system he built on his own which allowed him more control of his final product.
He loves brewing Belgians, IPAs and lagers and is always experimenting with new trends and techniques. His favorite styles to drink are Stouts, Sours and New England IPAs.
In his spare time, Greg enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding and road cycling. One day he would love to visit Pilsner Urquell Brewery in the Czech Republic to experience how they make one of the worlds most influential beers.
Jake Osman - Quality Control Manager | Co-Owner
Jake brings with him years of experience as an opto-mechanical and product engineer, with a background in physics and mechanical engineering.
Jake got his start in brewing about 5 years ago and has brewed everything from a 4% Dark Mild to a 14.4% Braggot. His favorite styles to make are IPAs, German Lagers, Sours, Saison and mixed-fermentation and has been focusing lately on Low Cal/Low Carb hoppy session ales.
In his spare time, he enjoys Hiking, Camping, Snowboarding, Cooking and Music. He makes a great full breakfast and he’d love to visit some small unknown brewery in a remote part of the world.
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