Embark on a Flavorful Adventure with Trouvaille Brewing Company’s Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast Pastry Stout!

Get ready to experience a taste sensation like no other as Trouvaille Brewing Company proudly unveils its latest creation – Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast Pastry Stout! This limited-edition beer is not only a tribute to the iconic spaghetti feast from the classic movie ‘Elf,’ but a bold exploration of flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing.

Crafted with care and creativity, Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast is not your typical stout. This 12% ABV masterpiece goes beyond the boundaries of traditional brewing by incorporating a medley of unexpected ingredients. Picture this: real spaghetti, Chocolate Fudge PopTarts, M&M’s, maple syrup, and marshmallows, all coming together to create a beer that’s as whimsical as it is delicious.

A True Pastry Stout Experience

As a true pastry stout, Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast is designed to be a decadent treat for your senses. We deliberately left a generous amount of residual sugars during the brewing process to achieve a thick, luscious mouthfeel that enhances the overall indulgence of the beer. The result? A beverage that not only packs a punch at 12% ABV but also delivers an extra layer of sweetness to delight your palate.

Flavor Profile

This extraordinary stout offers a complex and rich flavor profile that unfolds with every sip. The chocolatey notes from the Fudge PopTarts blend seamlessly with the sweetness of maple syrup, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. The addition of M&M’s contributes a playful touch, while the marshmallows round out the experience with a velvety smoothness. And let’s not forget the unexpected twist – real spaghetti – adding a savory depth that sets Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast apart from the ordinary.

Release and Availability

Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast Pastry Stout is set to make its debut on 12/16/2023 during the annual Trouvaille Brewing Company Ugly Sweater Party, and you won’t want to miss the chance to be part of this flavor revolution. This limited-edition release will be available in 500 ml bottles and on tap in our taproom.

Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast Pastry Stout is not just a beer; it’s an experience. A celebration of creativity, flavor, and the joy that comes from breaking the mold of conventional brewing. Join us on this flavor-packed adventure, and let Buddy’s Spaghetti Breakfast take your taste buds on a journey they won’t soon forget!

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